Special thanks to English Language Arts teacher Mrs. Akter, whose question prompted us to create this placeholder.

We do not yet have a posted policy related specifically to student information. We are affected by the privacy policy of our submission management platform (Submittable), which is less stringent than our own internal policy. We haven’t put forward our own policy on the website in part because we knew that service providers we use already have policies in place that are both more lenient and more comprehensive than what we practice, and in part because we don’t have in-house legal resources to create a custom privacy policy statement.

Giving it some thought, I do see the value of a separate statement and will work on getting something published. The short version is: We do not sell or share any submitter information regardless of submitter age; we do not require submitters to provide an address or phone number, and will not use them, even if supplied through Submittable, unless explicitly directed to do so by a submitter; we do not contact submitters by email for any purpose not indicated by their submission form responses.

The policy applies globally.