The following text is the exact wording of our publication offer for First Publication rights. We make this template available online to give you an idea in advance what rights we are asking when we purchase your work.

[Author Full Name]

The Empire & Great Jones Creative Arts Foundation hereby requests the right to publish your work titled “[Title]” in the collection Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things. For this right, with the conditions described below, we offer you a one-time payment of US$[amount]. We agree to pay you within 30 days of publication.

With this agreement, you grant us worldwide exclusive First Publication rights in multiple print and electronic formats for twelve months from acceptance or six months from publication, whichever is earlier, and a three-year non-exclusive worldwide license from the date of publication to continue to publish your work in the same or other formats as part of the issue in which it is first published without extending the license term and without constituting a new publication, and to keep that discrete issue of our journal available in our salable inventory throughout that term.

You also agree to allow us to make this piece available, in whole or in part, in digital format online or in e-mail distribution as part of promoting your work and the publication which contains it. In no case are we allowed to display or distribute your work in any form after the end of the license term without your explicit and written permission.

In other words: You agree not to publish this work anywhere else for twelve months from the date you accept this offer, or six months from the date your work is published in “Ember,” whichever happens first. You agree that we can re-publish the same volume of our collection that includes this work in a new print or electronic format. We agree that we won’t publish your work outside of that issue except for the purpose of promoting the collection it appears in, and if we add a new format during the license term our right to publish this work in any format still ends three years after initial publication unless we renegotiate with you.

We agree to clearly attribute your work to you wherever it is used, no matter the format.

We intend to publish this work in Volume [number], Issue [number] of our journal. However, we may delay publication to a future collection for any reason, including but not limited to “thematic fit” and “number of pieces selected for a volume.” In the event that such delays exceed 12 months from the date of this acceptance e-mail, we must pay you the full amount offered above; all rights, including First Publication, revert to you; and we must renegotiate with you if we still wish to publish your work.

This acceptance does not imply that the work will be published exactly in its current form. We reserve the right to work with you to resolve issues with punctuation, grammar, word choice, and even story and dialog. However, you will always be given an opportunity to approve our suggested changes; we do not believe in publishing revisions to your work without your permission.

By accepting our offer, you agree that you have the right to license your work to us, that it is not under contract, limitation, or consideration with any other publication, and that you will not withdraw your submission from Ember for 12 months from the date our offer is accepted.

Brian Lewis, Editor-in-Chief
Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things
[email protected]