Call for Submissions

January 2016: Thanks to all who submitted – this Submissions call is now complete.

Look out for the successful story in our Spring 2016 Issue!

Are you feeling inspired to write a short story but stuck for ideas? “Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things” is currently looking to purchase a themed submission entitled:

“The Carrot is Mightier Than the Sword”

Ember 2.2 Front CoverScheduled for the Spring 2016 issue, the chosen story will bring to life the amazing cover which has been specially designed by by artist and illustrator Sean Greenberg.

Deadline: December 31, 2015

Let your imagination go wild for this one! We want your best, most creative stories using the picture as inspiration, or even telling the story of the artwork itself – it’s up to you! Our submission guidelines for this piece are the same as always and can be accessed at

We are really looking forward to seeing your work! Surprise us. Entertain us. Make us forget that it’s a cold, wet, November out there and brighten up our lives with your scintillating wordplay and deft descriptions. Please send in your work by the end of December in order to make the publishing deadlines.


Notes from the Editor:

  • There is no special submission queue for this call. Submissions are made through our online submission form.
  • You do not need to title your manuscript “The Carrot is Mightier than the Sword” but you should give your submission this title so we know it is in response to this call.
  • We are primarily looking for prose for this call, but metered poetry will also be considered.
  • We neither ask for nor retain any rights on submissions we do not accept for publication.
  • Ember allows simultaneous submissions, but in this one case we would be grateful if you wait for our response before sending the work to other markets.

8 thoughts on “Call for Submissions

  1. Received call on Dec. 15. Are you still looking at submissions for, The Carrot is Mightier than the Sword?
    Are you excepting any metered poetry for any other upcoming publictions? Other short stories? Can you please send info?

    1. Yes, we are still looking for submissions for special call until December 31. We also are always open to metered poetry for any of our publications!

      Our most recent issue of Ember can be viewed on Amazon at and has the “Look Inside” feature enabled. That may give you some idea what we’ve published in the past.

  2. Are you only looking for one story that addresses the picture, or is the issue going to be a collection of different stories about the picture and different interpretations?

    1. We are primarily looking to choose one story that goes with the picture, but we will choose more than one if they are really great. There are several stories already selected which have nothing to do with the picture, and the collection will contain a total of 20 pieces.

    1. Great question! I should probably add that to the Editor Notes. We are reading manuscripts as they come in, so submitters generally receive a response within four to six weeks even if they came in before the deadline. I expect to take no more than four weeks for the final decision on this call anyway because we’re on a time crunch for publication.

    1. No, as submissions for this call are made through our regular submission queue, there are no fees for this call or any other submissions. Thanks for asking!

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